Engaging Multi-Lingual Language Programme

At Raintree, English and Chinese teachers co-teach in the same classroom to create an authentic bi-lingual environment, ensuring that the children’s exposure to language is of the highest quality.

Young children, particularly before the age of 6, are naturally adept at mimicking new sounds, allowing them to learn new languages with increased proficiency. We believe that by immersing children in a language rich environment with our qualified teachers, we can cultivate the children’s natural ability to acquire language. Research has shown that children who learn more than one language grow up to be more empathetic and with an increased flexibility of mind, making them more creative and better critical thinkers. In addition, once they have acquired the language learning capacity, they can go on to learn subsequent languages more effectively.

At Raintree, we tailor language exposure according to each family’s priority. Classes are delivered within an authentic language environment, ensuring that the children’s exposure to language is of the highest quality.

English is the school’s primary language focus, complimented by Chinese, tailored to each child’s language priority, with the emphasis on speaking and listening. The children, exposed to multiple languages, develop the ability to think, understand concepts and communicate in many languages. Thus, the acquisition of language becomes a natural and engaging process.

During the co-teaching study times, the English and Chinese teachers work together telling stories, singing songs and engaging with the children in play-based activities.  Co-teaching takes place one session per day in the Nursery, and two sessions per day in the Kindergarten.

The Raintree curriculum also includes Thai studies for 1-3 sessions per week depending on age. Our Thai studies incorporate both language and culture, supporting the home language of our Thai children and helping our international children to engage with the Thai community in which they live.