Raintree International British Curriculum Nursery School Classes

Age Range 2023/24 2024/25 2025/26
Nursery 1 1 Sep 21 – 31 Aug 22 1 Sep 22 – 31 Aug 23 1 Sep 23 – 31 Aug 24
Nursery 2 1 Sep 20 – 31 Aug 21 1 Sep 21 – 31 Aug 22 1 Sep 22 – 31 Aug 23
Kindergarten 1 1 Sep 19 – 31 Aug 20 1 Sep 20 – 31 Aug 21 1 Sep 21 – 31 Aug 22
Kindergarten 2 1 Sep 18 – 31 Aug 19 1 Sep 19 – 31 Aug 20 1 Sep 20 – 31 Aug 21

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Raintree International School is committed to giving young learners the best start in life through the highest quality British curriculum nursery classes in Bangkok. Our dedicated team works closely with children to build confidence, independence and a lifelong love of learning.

Children’s brains develop most rapidly during the first five years of their life, which is why nursery and kindergarten education is so critical to children’s longterm development and success.

In line with international best practices, our international nursery classes are limited to a small class size of 12-15 children. Each class is led by a qualified and experienced class teacher and 2-3 assistants. This low ratio of adults-to-children enables our team to build strong teacherchild relationships and ensure that our nursery children feel valued and supported.

Working closely with our nursery class teachers, our specialist teachers including Music, Language and Physical Education, provide their expert knowledge to ensure our children have access to authentic and specialist learning opportunities.

Typical Day of Our Nursery Class

Our Nursery class starts at 9:00 and finishes at 12:30 (Nursery 1) and 12:45 (Nursery 2). Children are dropped off and collected from their classroom, providing parents with daily communication with the teaching team.

A day in the life of Ava – our Nursery 1 (Miss Daniella’s class). Ava is French and living just behind Raintree in Sathorn, Ava enjoys neighbourhood morning walks to school with mummy.

Arrival and garden play
Arrival time is a chance for the children to play with their friends and teachers in the garden and gently settle into the school day.  At 9:00, we hear a bell and do a morning dance together before going to the classroom.
Welcome time
During nursery welcome time, the children and teaching team come together on the carpet to greet each other, share stories, and sing songs. Today we talk about fire practice and firemen who will visit Raintree later in the week.
Outdoor play
Our teachers set up a variety of outdoor activities for our nursery school children to explore, such as sand play, water play and messy play. The activities are changed weekly and follow the children’s interests.
Snack time
It’s time for snacks at Raintree International School for our nursery class. We provide healthy fruit and milk to ensure the children have a balanced diet and the energy to remain engaged throughout the day.
Integrated studies
This time provides nursery school children with access to a wide variety of activities as they are encouraged to move around to explore and experiment. Children work independently or collaboratively in small groups. On some days this time will include specialist classes such as Music, P.E, Languages or Library time.
Children sit together with their teachers and eat a healthy lunch. This is a great opportunity to encourage independent eating and good mealtime behaviour.
Integrated studies
After lunch, the children have access to a wide variety of activities and are encouraged to move around to explore and experiment. Children work independently or collaboratively in small groups. On some days this time will include specialist classes such as Music, P.E, Languages or Library time.
Circle time
Circle time is a chance for our nursery class children to say goodbye and prepare for home time. Just before the end of each day the children come together on the carpet for a final circle time. We talk about things that have happened that day, what sort of fun things we might be doing tomorrow and share any exciting news or stories. We then sing our goodbye song and collect our bags, ready to greet our parents or caregivers. Children are collected from the classroom, allowing the parents and caregivers to discuss what the day has involved with the teacher.

Our Nursery Curriculum

Offering one of Bangkok’s best nursery classes, the Raintree International School team works hard to ensure your child’s educational start is a happy, secure and engaging journey.  Within an inspiring and carefully curated learning environment, we encourage young learners to gain independence, confidence and to learn to interact collaboratively with their peers and adults.

At the core of our international nursery programme, we believe that every child is unique, capable and eager to learn. Children are naturally curious and our teachers are trained to observe and extend each child’s learning and their creativity. Play is essential to young children’s development. It helps children learn to make decisions, manage stress and negotiate, as well as follow a goal while ignoring distractions. These concepts foster critical skills such as creativity and collaboration, which are important for children in today’s rapidly changing world. Using purposeful play and open-ended materials, our teachers set up a wide range of exploration activities and resources for children to investigate and learn.

Integral to our learning approach is outdoor play. Despite being located in central Bangkok and conveniently close to the commercial and residential areas of Sathorn and Silom, Raintree boasts an inspiring, natural large green spaceOutdoor play promotes physical development, allowing children the space to work on their fine and gross motor skills in an environment that challenges and inspires them. This closeness with nature further offers our children a multitude of highquality sensory experiences and the opportunity to learn about the natural world around them.

At the Nursery level, our main curriculum focus is on building a strong foundation for life according to British curriculum prime areas of learning:

  • Personal, Social, and Emotional Development

    • Making relationships

    • Self-confidence and self-awareness

    • Managing feelings and behaviour

  • Physical Development

    • Moving and handling

    • Health and self-care

  • Communication and Language

    • Listening and attention

    • Understanding

    • Speaking

The prime areas of learning are fundamental, and work together to support development in all other areas.

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Our progressive educational framework combined with an inspiring learning environment has helped us earn a reputation for being one of Bangkok’s and Sathorn’s best British curriculum nursery schools. We invite you to come and see our nursery class in action by booking a tour today

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