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We have watched our boys thrive at Raintree. We love that even though we live in a big city they have the opportunity to run and play in a beautiful natural environment and that we are all part of the Raintree community. The team at Raintree has been outstanding, the teaching staff are warm, welcoming and professional. They have excellent facilities and the management team has been very pro-active and responsive to all the childrens’ needs. But what we love best is seeing how happy and excited our boys are to go to school each day.

Laura and Chris Burkett (British) – Laura is a qualified early years educator with experience in leading preschool in Asia.  Chris is a corporate lawyer.


We would like to use this opportunity to thank everybody at Raintree for the wonderful experience.  Julius and we will certainly miss the joyous place and the friendly, professional teachers and staff.  The school has a good “Fengshui” feel.  Also the personal touch was very pleasing. Every member of the team knew Julius and us at a personal level.

Stefan and Elly Magnus (Dutch and Indonesian) – Owner of toys company


You have provided Jay and Jett with so much care, kindness, and most of, a fun place to grow and develop.  Every ounce of thoughtfulness, planning and energy devoted to your program has been reflected in how our sons felt about school, their friends, teachers and in what they learned.  We could not have asked for more, and we look forward to the future knowing what a beautiful foundation you have laid for them.  They say it takes a village to raise year our children, it does.  And we couldn’t be more grateful that you have been an essential part of our village over the last year.  So, from the bottom of our hearts, Thank you.  We wish you all the best.

Jib and Jack (Thai) – Raintree’s first official family!


“Happiness is at Raintree”

Cassia (US/French/Columbian) – When asked what made you happy on our Raintree Happiness Day celebration in March 2018, Cassia answered “Happiness is at Raintree”.